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* 2 person minimum*

* Please ignore the hours section of your booking form* - Unfortunately our in-built booking system doesn't work well for bookings of over 24 hours. Simply select the day you would like to the course to start and we will get in touch with further information * 

How to select your level: 

Groups are divided into one of 3 levels :

  • Beginners (surfing in ‘white water’) - Maybe its your first time, or you have had a few lessons over the years. Maybe you struggle to pop-up or don't feel comfortable in the white water quite yet. 

  • Improvers (skilled in white water, starting to surf ‘green waves’) - Feel very comfortable & confident in the white water. Can pop-up consistently, starting to go surf out back on those smaller wave days. 

  • Intermediate / Advanced (Surfing out back mastering technique & skills) - For people who don't surf in white water anymore. Able to get out back comfortably and looking to harness & level up their surfing. 


We teach a wide range of skills to suit each person, ensuring we MAXIMISE your surfing experience and develop your skills in the best way.

* If you are unsure of which to book, or your surfing level, we would love to help find that out with you. So please give us a call anytime. *

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