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We specialise in tailor-made experiences designed to elevate your team's dynamics and foster growth in various aspects crucial to a thriving workplace.


Choose from our three primary packages:

Surf Package: Embrace group support, challenge, and growth as a team while riding the waves. Strengthen bonds and build resilience together.Get comfortable in the uncontrollable!

Wellness Package: Unleash inspiration and break through creativity blocks. Nurture work relationships in a serene setting to enhance productivity.

Adventure Package: Conquer fears, individually and as a team. Discover uncharted capabilities and unlock new dimensions of individual and group potential.

Our base is nestled in Newquay, Cornwall, yet our retreats span internationally. We utilise surfing, breathwork, yoga, and immersive group activities to facilitate connections through shared experiences, conquering fears, and, of course, having a blast.

Our ethos revolves around fostering a safe, supportive, and expressive environment where each individual feels encouraged to be authentic. We champion vulnerability, honesty, and creativity, recognizing that what lies beneath the surface can significantly impact personal and professional lives.

Our Retreats offer:

Improved communication

Enhanced productivity and workflow

Amplified creativity

A safer and more supportive workplace

A more fulfilling work environment

Greater innovation within your company

Whether it's a quest for workplace enhancement or simply an adventure amidst nature, connect with us. We'd love to curate a bespoke retreat that aligns perfectly with your needs.

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Contact us for more information on packages and pricing

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