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Founder, surf coach, breathwork therapist

_mattmariophotography - Uk - Cornwall -

Ali is always busy behind the scenes putting a whole lot of love and fun into each retreat, but thats just the beginning. 

His main passion is supporting people in their own personal journey, while having a fun adventure and growing together. He loves to share life hacks and therapeutic tools to help with everyday life (as you may have seen on our insta), as well as being a deeply passionate surf coach and surfer. 

Breathwork is the final piece of his passion puzzle, and where he has found the biggest amount of understanding, growth and connection. He LOVES to share this incredibly simple but beneficial tool with all that feel drawn to it. 


Social media, marketing & photographer


Izzy is our social media and marketing whiz! Full of passion, creativity and ideas it's always a exciting and inspiring to be in her company. 

She loves: Helping people's dreams grow, capturing moments in photo & video, her 2 adorable pups, working out, eating delicious food and the outdoors. 

Anyone who has hung out with her will know she is full of life, inspiration and fun. Never taking anything too seriously, and always being a support when you are in need. A great friend and an amazing member of the Rewilding team! 


Surf Coach


Pete's love of surfing runs deep! His radical surfing style can be seen gracing the waters of all his favourite Cornish spots. With a passion for travel he's surfed from the cooler waters of California, New Zealand, Europe and Morocco to the tropical waters of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Ecuador and Australia and he's excited to explore more!


With over 10 years of coaching experience Pete has shared the stoke with literally thousands of people and he can't wait to pass on his skills to you!


Yoga teacher, Retreat host


Imogen offers a safe space to explore play, yoga and compassionate behaviour/habit change. Encouraging all to be more YOUnicorn! Working also as a substance misuse specialist, she’s passionate about supporting caring professionals to prioritise their self care.

Her love of life and people is so incredibly infectious, that she makes everyone feel supported, held, and instantly at home - and she'll have you laughing the whole way through! 


Surf Coach

Aimee is hugely passionate person who loves teaching people to surf in a fun and playful way.

Her zest for life is infectious, and she has a great knowledge of surfing that you will be sure to learn a lot and develop your surfing with her. 

Yoga Teacher


Anna has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She has trained in India and Bali, taught all across the world, and chose to settle in our beautiful hometown of Newquay. 

She is really inspired by nature so spends loads of time outside hiking, swimming, surfing, and just immersing herself in nature.

A lot of her teachings are inspired by the patterns she sees in nature, the weather, the changing of seasons, the flowers that bloom and the animals and creatures that appear.


She teaches mainly Vinyasa & Yin, but has been influenced by many different styles and has done many different trainings so you might find all sorts of influences in her teachings.  


Surf Coach & Photographer

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 14.02.38.png

Brody is a surf coach and photographer from New Zealand. The man has some serious surfing skills and a wonderfully compassionate way of teaching at a high level, so he has all sorts of tips & tricks up his sleeve to get you levelled up in your surfing. 

When he's not in the ocean surfing, he's shooting amazing photos and generally making the most of life! 


Yoga teacher, host & operations wizard

Amy is a yoga teacher, massage therapist and retreat host with over a decade of experience running retreats all over the world. She also works on the operations of Rewilding Retreats with Ali keeping everything  running smoothly. 

Amy teaches a wide range of styles of yoga that she often fuses into one class to offer the most impact and benefit. There are no gimmicks here just, honest yoga. You can expect to experience mantra, chanting and mudra work, breathwork, gentle yet strong flows, guided meditations and totally blissful savasana. Amy firmly believes that yoga is for everybody and her classes will make you feel capable and empowered. 


Breathwork Therapist


Alex works with breathwork and somatic therapy to liberate stuck energy and emotion in the body. She facilitates you towards more embodiment: being more connected to your true self and to others!


Having worked through her own acute post-traumatic stress symptoms and auto-immune issues alongside her training she is strongly informed by how trauma and the nervous system function. She also loves to dance around and let that inner child play!

Alex is a super playful and soulful person. She has seen her life flip and transform in the most amazing ways  is passionate about guiding others along that same journey.

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