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October 13th-19th 2024

RewildingRetreats - Surf, yoga and Breathwork retreat in Imsouane, Morocco

Join us in one of the world's surfing mecca's, nestled in the breathtaking landscape of Aljezur, Portugal 

What's Included?
  • 6 nights accommodation at a stunning surf lodge with outdoor pool

  • Daily surf coaching 

  • Breathwork classes

  • Yoga classes 

  • Surf theory & video analysis

  • Amazing plant-based meals made by our in-house chef

  • Transfers to and from Faro airport when using our scheduled bus. 

  • All equipment included

(flights, travel insurance, food outside of meal time extra activities and airport transfers outside of suggested flight time are not included)

AGP pool.jpeg
AGP surf.jpeg

Here, the golden shores meet azure waters, creating a haven for surf enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the waves, our retreat offers an exhilarating surf experience amidst stunning coastal vistas.


Beyond the waves, immerse yourself in rejuvenating yoga sessions, guided breathwork, and indulge in a nourishing plant-based culinary journey, all seamlessly woven into your retreat experience. Prepare to discover serenity and adventure in perfect harmony, where the beauty of nature meets holistic wellness.

Our program offers a very down-to-earth, fun, and explorative experience leaving you feeling "hugged from the inside out"- A quote from a previous guest. 

 Nestled in the beauty of Aljezur, this retreat promises an immersive experience that harmonises adventure, relaxation, and holistic wellness, creating lasting memories against the backdrop of Portugal's stunning coastal landscape.

Arrival & Departure

13th - Fly into Faro and meet our transfer @ approx 13:00 - (more info in welcome pack).

19th - Transfer back to the Faro airport @ approx 07:30

- (more info in welcome pack).


A Typical Day 

07:30 -  Pre surf breakfast and tea
08:30 - Morning surf

10:00 - Delicious breakfast on the terrace
11:30 -   Surf video analysis & chat
13:30 -  Lunch 
14:00 - Time to relax and enjoy the view, explore town.
15:30 - Afternoon 'free surf' - let's focus on fun!
17:00 - Breathwork or yoga session
19:00 -  Dinner 
20:30 - Evening chill and chats .



Nestled along Portugal's stunning western coast, Aljezur offers some of the most picturesque and peeling surf spots in Europe.


Arrifana, with its iconic cliffs and golden sands, serves as a magnet for surf enthusiasts seeking consistent waves and an inviting atmosphere. The beach break at Arrifana caters to surfers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros, providing gentle rollers closer to the shore and more challenging swells further out. The sheltered bay ensures relatively consistent waves year-round, making it an ideal spot to catch a wave or two regardless of the season.

You can book in a DISCOVERY CALL with Ali to discuss anything Rewilding! Whether its to gather more info on a retreat, have questions about a surf lesson or what to know if a breathwork session is for you, why not book in a 20 minute call to find out - FREE OF CHARGE 



At the doorstep of the Atlantic Ocean, you will find this surfers paradise. Enjoy the luxury of this surf lodge complete with outdoor pool, stunning decor all around, and cosy & comfy ensuite rooms for all.


Surrounded by lush greens from the moment you enter the area and a relaxed vibe throughout, you'll feel immersed in a cosy corner of Portuguese paradise. The town overlooks two special surf beaches ideal for both beginners and more experienced surfers, with both left and right hand waves. The rooms of this boutique lodge are stunning.They perfectly combine Portuguese culture with a sleek high end standard, and luxury touches throughout. The Lodge offers a beautiful outdoor pool, yoga shala and cosy hangout areas.

Ensuite Double / Twin

Ensuite room with stylish minimalist design.

2 single beds that can be put together. 

£1300 pp

Twin Room

Stylish minimalist rooms perfect for solos or couples.

2 single beds that can be put together. 


AGP yoga.jpeg
AGP chill.jpeg
Image by Austin Neill

The Surf

Aljezur boasts an array of surf breaks along its coastline, providing diverse options for surfers seeking different experiences. Praia da Amoreira, with its expansive beach and river mouth, offers versatile waves suitable for both longboarders and shortboarders.


Meanwhile, Monte Clérigo presents a wilder, more exposed beach break, perfect for those chasing powerful and hollow waves. With a mix of beach breaks, point breaks, and reefs, Aljezur provides ample opportunities for surfers to explore and challenge themselves amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

The surf culture in this region isn't just about the waves; it's a way of life. The laid-back atmosphere, stunning vistas, and welcoming locals create an ambiance that beckons surfers from around the globe.


Whether you're a total beginner an experienced surfer seeking an adrenaline rush, the surf in and around Arrifana and Aljezur promises an unforgettable experience in one of Europe's most scenic and surf-rich destinations.

Paradise in Portugal- All-inclusive surf retreat

Want to join us for an unforgettable experience?
Image by Sacha Verheij
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