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SRFACE WETSUITS EPIC DISCOUNT ! Simply use the code shown below to activate... enjoy 40% off in this winter sale!

Updated: Mar 22

I am so excited to have teamed up with SRFACE wetsuits, to offer you an extra 10% discount ON TOP of their current 30% winter sale! * (At the time of writing this blog there is a 30% sale)

SO if you need any suits or want to give a gift of a wetsuit, now is the time! These guys are the best in the market for affordable but still high quality wetsuits, and they offer Yulex (rubber) wetsuits which are far more sustainable. So if you need one in the near-sih future, it would be a great time to snatch one up!

Simply use the code shown in the artwork at the top or bottom of this email : )

Remember to use the discount code shown at the top & bottom of the email!

* (At the time of writing this blog there is a 30% sale)




These guys make epic, GENUINELY affordable and HIGH QUALITY wetsuits built to last. I have worn loads of different suits over the years, and this is by far the best for your buck! I currently have 3 or 4 of my own and made sure they were great long-lasting suits before any discussion was made, because I only want to offer you the best affordable wetsuit. So if you are looking for your next suit, why not get stuck in to this epic 40% off while they have their winter sale on, and try their 30 DAY GET WET RETURNS POLICY! - Where yes, you can wear it, use it, and if you still don't like it you can return it! Another sign they are doing things right! 

* (At the time of writing this blog there is a 30% sale)

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