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Introducing, Breathwork.

Get to know the how's and why's of the power of a breathwork practise.

Breathwork session


Breathwork is a mind-body practice that has a broad range physical and emotional benefits. A breathwork session can directly ease or facilitate positive changes for experiences like anxiety, sleep issues, mental clarity, physical pain, PTSD and emotional suppression (to name a few).

Breathwork is one of the most potent ways we can bring balance back to the body and mind. We have found it to be an incredible tool that’s facilitated a lot of healing in our lives, as well as such crucial things in our lives like self-compassion, self-awareness and of course, self-love.


At Rewilding Surf Retreats, we offer breathwork as a form of therapy where your body is your guide. Only you know what you truly need. Breathwork helps unlock what's holding you back, and provides an opportunity for change.

Furthermore, it brings into awareness unconsciously held beliefs and emotions, creating an opportunity to breakthrough from limiting beliefs. Essentially, we learn to transform from within.

The beauty of it is things only surface that we're ready for them which, creates a trust in ourself & our body. A breathwork facilitator simply supports you in that process by holding a space that's safe for you to feel.​


A Breathwork session begins with you lying down, relaxing and just breathing normally. It uses an easy to follow breathing technique called ‘conscious connected breathing’ that, is guided by a trained Breathwork facilitator.​ This specific way of breathing, alongside guidance from the facilitator, exposes unconscious patterns of defences that have developed from birth, and throughout your life, that have blocked your pleasure and aliveness.

Breathwork class in a studio



'What I love about breathwork is how it gets you totally out of your head. We can exhaust ourselves in those never ending thought loops and behaviours, and can't seem to get past or make sense of what is going on. Breathwork allows you to totally separate from that. It accesses the unconscious, to shine a light on what's really going on.​It shows us how we see & feel about ourselves, and what influences us both negatively and positively. It basically is just an epic way of seeing what the hell is going on, in a very gentle and loving way.'


'I have found it to be an incredible tool that’s facilitated a lot of healing in my own life and has helped me to develop a deeper awareness of my emotional state.'


'I want to share breathwork with the world because it has brought me to life in ways that can’t be explained but can only be felt. Every human walking this planet deserves to know and experience this entirely, with their whole being, mind, soul, and body… and the breath is the way in.'


Since first discovering breathwork, she has seen her life flip and transform in the most amazing ways. After shedding many the layers that had been holding her back, she is passionate about guiding others along that same journey.

Want to experience the power of breathwork for yourself? Why not join us on one of our retreats and see how amazing this practise can really be!

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