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How going on a retreat can create lifelong change…


Habit (n) – a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up


They can be good, they can be bad and they can be plain ugly.  By their very nature, our daily habits can become so familiar that we cease to recognise them or, more importantly, the impact that they might be having on our mindsets and levels of happiness. As busy adults, it is common to run on autopilot and to forget that there are countless ways to tackle even the smallest of tasks.  Simply because we do something a certain way, every single day, doesn't make it good for us. Without regular (or even just the occasional) check-in, it is impossible to see the ways in which our habitual behaviours and mindsets are holding us back, having a negative impact on our lives and making us unhappy. 


As you read this, you are probably thinking about some of your own negative habitual behaviours. We all have them; excessive drinking, eating unhealthy foods, smoking/vaping, watching too much television, spending too much time on social media - the list goes on. Recognising negative habits is an essential first step in the process of making positive change in our lives. Once we can see that there are certain behaviour patterns that we wish to change, we can commit to the necessary steps towards self-improvement.


Change, however, is never easy. Our negative habits are often fueled by dissatisfaction with our current lives and getting to the root of our unhappiness can be challenging, but it will, without a doubt, prove to be hugely rewarding.  It can be hard to know where to begin, and that is where going on retreats, like a Rewilding Surf Retreat, can be hugely beneficial. 


Retreats allow us to take a break from functioning on autopilot. They offer a safe space in which we can step back, out of our daily routines and away from our daily habits.  They give us a birds-eye view of our lives – allowing us the time and space to analyse the way we are living.  At the same time they bring positive, healthy activities into our days, and as Rewilding founder, Ali Hellmuth says “ awaken that wild, playful version of you”.  It is well known that surfing, yoga and breathwork all help us to reconnect with our bodies and minds, and in the long term, to have a better understanding of ourselves.


Gathering together with other humans, as we do on a retreat like Rewilding, is part of what makes the process so fruitful. This allows us to connect, but also to tune into our emotional selves in a deeply supportive environment in which we can be vulnerable, and open.  It's not all serious though - “rewilding” is about reconnecting with our playful side - our instincts, intuition, nature & each other!  We awaken and nurture those parts of us that are so often suppressed & forgotten in our adult lives. It is through this reset and re-connection that we can re-enter our lives with a new, fresh outlook.  At the end of a Rewilding Retreat you can expect to walk away with a new viewpoint and the confidence to instigate positive change into your daily life.  This is a great foundation on which to build a new and improved version of yourself.


“When we get home, home is still the same, but something in our minds has changed, and that changes everything.” - Jonah Lehrer

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